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Socomec Diris A60 Multifunction meter 48250207

New Socomec Diris A60 Multifunction meter 48250207

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Socomec Diris A60 Multifunction meter 48250207


DIRIS A60 is a measurement station which takes over all the functions of DIRIS A40 and which is enhanced by a history of harmful events for installation. A graphic representation of these harmful events is assimilated and provided to the user. All this information can be used and analysed remotely using free quality measurement software that can be downloaded on the site www.socomec. com.

In addition to the functions of the DIRIS A40, the DIRIS A60 also:

  • Shows the current and voltage unbalance
  • Shows the tangent phi
  • Stores the load curves (50 days with an interval of 10 minutes) for:
  • Active, reactive and apparent power: ΣP+/- ; ΣQ+/-, ΣS.
  • Detects and stores the last 40 events concerning: overvoltage, voltage dips, outages, overcurrent

For each stored event, the DIRIS A60 records the relevant RMS 1/2 interval curves for the oltages V1, V2, V3, U12, U23, U31 and the currents I1, I2, I3, In, giving a total of 400 curves.

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Mounting Panel
Connection CT/VT
Input type 3 Phase
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